June 7, 2023

Dinna Temelkova in an exclusive interview for Forbes Bulgaria


The CEO of Telelink Infra Services, Mrs. Dinna Temelkova, in an exclusive interview for the Women4Technologies series of Forbes Bulgaria. She shares her remarkable experience as a female leader in the technology sector.

Dedicated to her work in multinational corporations, Dinna Temelkova strives to inspire younger professionals, develop their potential and guide them to success. Her approach is characterized by empathy, emotional intelligence and adaptivity – qualities that she believes contribute to a more humane and supportive business environment.

“Women have a ‘motherly approach’ by nature, which my colleagues tell me is a positive change in the company. Empathy and emotionality do not interfere, but only show the human face of business,” she shared in her interview with Forbes Bulgaria. In addition to her professional achievements, Dinna also dedicates herself to social activities and causes. She is the visionary of the “House of Sofia” – an art center that supports young talents in various forms of art and participates in the “Good Creativity” project, providing help and opportunities for disadvantaged children.

You can see the whole interview here.