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Delivery Manager Fixed Networкs

We are looking to hire a Delivery Manager to join our experienced team located in Southend-On-Sea. Reporting to the Build Manager, this role will be responsible for monitoring the onsite delivery of the civil infrastructure for a FTTP network deployment project within Southend-On-Sea.

Rigger – Team Leader

Based in Woolhampton, Telelink Infra Services UK has been providing services to its clients in the UK since 2016. We have extensive expertise in delivering a wide range of innovative services and solutions for fixed and wireless network infrastructure.

Wir suchen ab sofort einen Bauleiter ( m / w / d )

Die Welt geht Broadband. Wir, Fa. Telelink GmbH, bilden die Grundlage für Konnektivität. Wir planen, realisieren und warten Netzwerke. Egal ob in Lörrach, Müllheim oder Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg gibt es noch enorm viel zu tun.

Monteur Mobilfunk

Telelink ist ein führendes Unternehmen mit bewiesener Erfahrung und vertieften Fachkenntnissen in den Bereichen Telekom Netzinfrastruktur.

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