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Rigger – Team Leader

Based in Woolhampton, Telelink Infra Services UK has been providing services to its clients in the UK since 2016. We have extensive expertise in delivering a wide range of innovative services and solutions for fixed and wireless network infrastructure.

Monteur Mobilfunk

Telelink ist ein führendes Unternehmen mit bewiesener Erfahrung und vertieften Fachkenntnissen in den Bereichen Telekom Netzinfrastruktur.

Техник телекомуникации

Телелинк Инфра Сървисис е водеща компания с доказан опит, професионални умения и задълбочени познания в областта на безжичните мрежи, системната интеграция, интелигентните сградни и транспортни решения. Ние трансформираме най-сложните технологии в иновативни и функционални решения.

Civil Engineer

For nearly 20 years, Telelink Infra Services is maintaining an industry leading name as a premier provider of intelligent telecommunication and security solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, we offer a wide range of talent and experience, from assessing your requirements to implementing cost effective and technologically advanced solutions to best fit your mission critical assignments.

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