Privacy note for job candidates

We are pleased that you chose to apply for a position in TELELINK INFRA SERVICES EAD (TIS).
During the recruitment process and for the preparation of subsequent job offers your Personal Data that could
be collected and processed would be as follows:


Personal Data categories Type Legal basis
Information about you Name,
middle name, surname,
date of birth
demonstrated by
submitting your
application for the
open position
Email, address, phone number
Training and
Language skills
and or qualification degree, trainings and
acquired certificates, foreign language skills
Professional experience Professional
experience and skills
Other information provided by
you in your application
from previous employers, portfolio,
profiles on social media, and other voluntarily
submitted information, contacts and materials,
supporting the application




The information which you provide us will be used for the proper selection of candidates for the position announced and for the preparation of subsequent job offer in case your application is approved.


Sharing your Personal Data


TIS respects and protects your privacy and your personal information. Access to your Personal Data is limited by need to our employees who has a need to know to perform their functions and carry out the selection process.
In some cases, during recruitment process TIS could use recruitment consultants with experience in human resources management in order to facilitate the selection of candidates. In these cases, there is a possibility that the service provider could have access to your Personal Data, this would be done in strict confidentiality, signed data protection agreement between the parties and applied appropriate security measures.


Retention Period


Your application and the information therein are provided and will be used for the recruitment process for the particular position and for eventual preparation of a job offer
Applications of candidates and made job offers will be further processed based on our l egitimate interest s as an employer for future ope n positions in TIS for a period of 6 six) months following the application or until the withdrawal of the consent for processing if it is withdrawn before that period.
Following expiration of retention period or withdrawal of the consent for processing , your information will be erased


Withdrawing consent


You have the right to withdraw your consent for processing your Personal Data at any given time by sending an e mail to: . If you withdraw your consent, TIS may not be able to consider your application for the position or to offer you to participate in future recruitment process for open position, for which you could have the necessary skills and experience.
You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission at: when certain conditions are present.