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Since its inception Telelink Infra Services consistently developed and maintained a strong team of expert engineers in several European for deployment and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure

We have designed, manufactured, built and installed:


  • more than 3,500 rooftop communication sites 

    installed countrywide 

  • more than 100 tower sites including permanent towers with heights up to 42 meters
  • more than 1,000 movable tower (telemob) sites*


* Structure exclusively designed by Telelink


Facts and Figures


  • Over 3,000 detailed designs
  • Over 3,000 microwave links
  • Over 500 line of sites relays
  • Over 300 transmission hubs
  • Over 1,000 repeaters installation
  • Over 1,000 MW SWAP sites
  • Over 3,000 site expansions
  • Over 3500 Permitting and Legalization cases