Eleonora Blazevska

What is it like to work as а Business Development Director at Telelink Macedonia?

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Eleonora Blazevska

Business Development Director, Telelink Macedonia

  • When did you join Telelink MK and how is your career going so far?

I have been working at Telelink MK since the summer of 2011, exactly 10 years ago. At the time I was working for my own small telecommunication company providing solutions for IP telephony and Contact Centres, as well as selling digital voice archiving solutions for strategic partners, like ministries, airports and enterprises. Even modest in size, our company had a respectable portfolio of customers, including a few government ministries, Makedonski Telecom (Deutsche Telekom), as well as several of the largest private entities in the country. We needed a partner for one of our prestigious projects, maintaining the IP telephony for the MoD, which should have had the know-how and licenses for microwave technology. Looking for such a reputable partner, I was introduced to Telelink. Establishing the cooperation with Telelink team was smooth. We quickly agreed on the deal terms and went straight into a successful and timely implementation. In other words, we simply “clicked”. That professionalism and chemistry eventually led to them offering me the position with Telelink MK, and I have been here ever since.


  • What does your job entail and what challenges do you meet?

Switching from managing my own company to a team driven environment, frankly speaking, it was challenging, but in a positive, motivating and driven way. I had to shift my mindset from a product driven portfolio to the complex world of system integration, combining a wide portfolio of products and services. Furthermore, it was about entering a company actively focused on building its human capital, not just its assets and client base. A company that was working very hard to enlarge its market footprint, bringing a new level of service and project management. We were pioneers in a way. My mindset and world view seemed to dovetail perfectly with that of the company’s senior management and strategic objectives, to do more and to do it better! And by doing so, to become a market leader, not just in financial terms but also by reputation and quality of service.


  • What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities do you need to perform this role? How do you upgrade?

To succeed in a company like Telelink, one must work very methodically, in a process driven and systematic way.  To be ready to roll up your sleeves and get involved, to learn new products, new processes, new solutions and even new methods of management. You must be able to adapt to a very competitive environment and evolving market needs, to be the driving force for a positive change, for a productive integration, to respect one’s co-workers and its clients. Above all, you have to be able to listen to your colleagues, clients and most importantly, to the market and its needs and to act proactively.  This a demanding job that requires focus and drive but also patience. You have to pace yourself, be prepared to develop methodically with every new opportunity, project, challenge and customer. Growth will come, it’s almost inevitable, if you are willing to put it in the work. At Telelink, we have become a well-greased cog in a well-tuned but ever evolving machine. We have grown together, succeeded together and it’s been an immense pleasure!


  • What do you value most in your workplace? What’s your biggest motivator to come to work in the morning?

Spending ten years in the company, it has become a fundamental part of my life. We are a big and united family. And yes, I value my position, because it enables me to grow personally and professionally, to improve myself and my managerial skills. I am grateful that I have had the chance to learn so much over these years, and that I am able to face every new opportunity and challenge with a sense of ease. Sometimes I even create those opportunities by myself. I stay motivated, because I stay challenged, I can see the benefits of what I contribute to the team and the company. They can see it too, which drives me to be and do better.