Martin Martinov

What is it like to work as а Business Development Manager at TIS?

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Martin Martinov

Business Development Manager

  • When did you join TIS and how is your career going so far?

After 15 years of living and working in Dubai, UAE one sunny day back in 2018 I finally decided it is time to return home. With over 10 years of Project Management experience under my belt, planning is something I do by nature, so such a big change in my personal life naturally involved a thorough research of what are the best options to work in Bulgaria. Telelink Infra Services was the most appealing, outweighing by far the next best company and it was a natural choice for me, considering abroad I’ve worked in the same industry. Today, a year and a half down the line, I have no regrets and I am very happy and proud to be part of this company. I came to a place with a great work environment and ethics, unique projects and amazing colleagues to work with.


  • What does your job entail and what challenges do you meet?

The business development field is a rather abstract concept with many people blurring it somewhere between the sales and the marketing. The ultimate goal is indeed the same – securing the future of the company through new clients, markets and essentially more sales. However, the BD role is a bit more expansive encompassing many activities beyond the sales function.

Here at Telelink Infra Services, I am responsible for researching and pursuing new business ideas and leads, tap deep in the well of the new technologies and select the right ones to expand our portfolio of offerings and services, meet vendors, clients, architects and technology partners, work closely with all teams and have a 360 degree view on everything happening inside and outside of the company. It is not a 9-5 desk job and it requires a lot of dedication, patience, thinking outside of the box, being able to work under pressure and yet always remain calm… All this can be stressful and tiring but at the end it is very rewarding as well.


  • What kind of knowledge, skills and qualities do you need to perform this role? How do you upgrade?

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent; I am only passionately curious” … Curiosity, as a habitual way of behaving, builds a natural questioning culture in our way of interacting with others. I think having a curious mindset and never being satisfied with ‘it’s good enough’ are key to being successful in the business development role. I must be constantly looking at how to find out more about our prospects, what’s brewing under the competitor’s roof or pick out these new, seemingly ridiculous ideas, like sending your old car in the space… Whether you are working with colleagues, your boss, new or existing clients, habitually improving your persuasion and influencing is also a great skill to employ in this role. Just as importantly, when working with a colourful palette of nationalities and personalities a high level of self-awareness is required to control your emotions and essentially your day, rather than letting outside influences affect your mood and performance. Such level of emotional intelligence really makes the cut when it comes to being successful versus constantly scraping the shallow rocks in the unknown waters of the business development.


  • What do you value most in your workplace? What’s your biggest motivator to come to work in the morning?

First and foremost, my colleagues. I love the positive and enthusiastic work environment at Telelink Infra Services, free of silo issues and selfishness. We are social beings and people need people. We thrive when we have a balance of getting and giving support to and from others and to me having a strong and united team on my side is one of the most important things in a company. I must add here the senior management too, amalgamated of people whose doors are always open for you, provide you with support when you need it and are true leaders.

Secondly, we are creative beings and therefore meant to create. I often wonder if we’ll be able to sustain today’s pace of innovation, at that pace which just seems to be getting faster and faster. Telelink Infra Services gives me the opportunity to be working in the forefront of amazing technological novelties and to have sparks of new ideas growing into projects and sustainable products all around. This is energizing. It can be also be draining at times, but mostly energizing in my experience. It spurs additional ideas and excitement. It’s a great way to fall in love with this job!

And at the end, who can say ‘no’ to such fancy, modern and comfortable office where Telelink Infra Services is based today… ????