April 1, 2022

How to plan and design the harmonious ‘next generation’ building

“High-Tech buildings should be considered as a smart device. This is an important prerequisite for providing a sustainable investment in the future.” – said Ruslan Papazyan, Executive Director.


In a joint project with Siemens Ruslan Papazyan, Biliana Popova and Paun Ivanov share their knowledge about how smart solutions are the pillar of sustainability, user well-being and user-centered design in buildings. Thanks to Desigo CC platform RICHHILL Business Center is a great example of the harmonious intelligent ‘next generation’ building.

“Our role was to adapt the system to the needs of the tenants of the building. In that platform, we integrated all systems: security and fire safety systems, lighting, air conditioning, diesel generator, etc. The platform is open and allows for the integration of all systems in the building, irrespective of their manufacturer.” – said Biliana Popova, Security and Automation Manager.

Smart buildings create an environment that can interact with their occupants, learn from them and ultimately adapt to their changing needs. Desigo CC transforms buildings into high-performing ones by providing an open, powerful and up-to-date platform to increase comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety.

“By integrating a BMS in RICHHILL we ensured a better predictability of electricity and maintenance expenses. We can react much faster in case of a problem, an accident, a change in the occupancy of the building. For instance, during the pandemic when the occupancy of office spaces was decreased, electricity expenses could be reduced by regulating the air conditioning” – added Biliana Popova.

In addition to the security and comfort of users, the ideal building must also guarantee a return on investment. Planning is a key part of the process tha allows reduction of expenses.

“In the second decade of the 21st century when the most advanced planning and simulation tools are available, we have no excuse to develop a project that can mislead us and cause excessive expenses” – said Paun Ivanov, General Manager Telelink Infra Services Group.